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SELAH Natural Products embrace the goodness and benefits of essential oils.  Our products use only natural ingredients, using plant-based oils instead of animal products.  Once you’ve experienced the difference of Natural Oil Soap (in comparison to shop manufactured goods), you will never go back – and your skin will thank you for it!

Soaps & Shampoo Bars

We offer a variety of fragrances and because we make limited editions, we cannot always guarantee the same combinations (although we do have our regular personal favourites!).

Our cold-pressed soaps are divided into four categories: Shampoo Bars, Exfoliates, Cream-bars and Coloured soaps.

The Shampoo bars are great; not only are they chemical free and made only with plant-based oils, but the are perfect to travel with too! Have a beard growing? These little gems have all the natural oils you need…

The exfoliates are great soap-scrub combos, gently exfoliating the skin and helping to remove dead skin cells.  We use rooibos tea, herbs and coffee granules.

The cream-bars have an amazing smooth, lather which your skin will love!

The coloured soaps are dyed with natural ingredients such as activated charcoal, spices and kelp.


We have two ranges of body scrubs: Coffee and Salt.

The coffee-sugar scrub is a gentler exfoliate perfect for sensitive skin and areas like the face.

The salt based scrub is ideal for areas like the legs and feet – those spots needing a good scrub to rid your body of dirt and dead skin. (And its always better when applied by someone else, allowing you to relax in a bubble of happiness…)

Bath Salts

SELAH bath salts

Whether you indulge in a hot bath or use as a mini foot spa, our bath salts will leave you feeling relaxed and revived – ready to face life’s challenges.