Who we are

A few years ago, Holy Spirit began speaking to me about changing the way I lived – from madly rushing about in a storm of activity, to ‘Simply, Softly, Slowly’ – living every moment immersed in His presence and as He intended. At the time, I thought it meant turning off the TV and untangling myself from silly, unhelpful distractions… I had NO idea how that would be the start of a completely new life in which I met and married the man God intended for me, began a family and completely transformed our business… all immersed in His plans for our lives.

SELAH means ‘to pause and reflect’ or as I prefer (according to the Passion Translation of the Bible), ‘to pause in His presence’.  That’s our aim and heart’s desire: to live surrendered to Him completely, striving only to be in His presence and to work from a place of Rest in Him.  Each expansion of the business is a step of faith, prompted by Holy Spirit. We look to Him for direction and trust in Him for provision. It has changed our lives completely.

So this business is – at its heart – all about living a simpler, more natural life (as God always intended for us).  We try to live as plastic free as possible, embracing products that are softer on our environment and remind us to live slowly, embracing each moment and pausing to invite Him to join us in the present.

Thank you for your support, we look forward to sharing this adventure with you.

Much love,

Lauren, Garth & Bug (who will join us in person 2020) xx

What we do

Both being Creatives, it’s not surprising our business seems to continually evolve… originally, we started with artisan soaps and scrubs, but have (over the course of a year) added our other passions;

Our Values

We value living as simply as possible, decluttering our lives from unhelpful distractions and choosing real human connection above technology.

We value living as softly as possible when it comes to our environmental footprint – as far as we can help it, we choose to say no to unnecessary plastics and harmful chemicals. As far as possible, our products are made from natural fabrics and ingredients.

We value living as slowly as possible, taking time out of busy schedules to pause and appreciate life and relationships around us. We choose to walk by God’s guidance and follow His direction for our lives – both professional and personal


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