Shampoo Bars – a How To…

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We have had a stream of inquiries regarding our shampoo bars, with the most common question being, “how do I use it?”


Well, I hope this helps…

Because we don’t test any of our products on animals, I stepped up as the proverbial guinea pig (and not so subtly insisted Garth do the same).  I have long hair and its really thick, but mostly ‘normal’ in terms of greasy/dry terms. My first approach was to follow the Pinterest Suggestion of working up a lather in my hands and then applying to my hair.  That worked fine for Garth’s short hair, but having well, just a bit more to deal with wasn’t as effective. So I did the next logical thing and rubbed the bar directly onto my hair. It worked. And this method is really effective for shorter hair styles. To make your bar last longer, make sure you store it where it can dry out again (no leaving it in the soap bowl where it will get all soggy and ‘melt’).

My preferred method, however, has inspired our soon to be launched Shampoo Jars; 200ml of shampoo bar shavings in a glass jar (because we care about the environment and say hell no to plastic). I took 2 teaspoon fulls and put it in a container with boiling water and allowed it to melt… then, when it was cool enough, I simply poured it over my hair and voila: lather! It was amazing. Seriously. Super easy.

Now here is the part where you need to pay attention: making the change from commercial shampoo to natural oil-based shampoo bars (or jars) is not a quick and easy step.  It takes a Transition Period. But don’t let that put you off – its worth it.  If you’re determined and haven’t been put off… this is what you need to know – commercial shampoos contain a lot of acids and chemicals which impact your hair’s natural PH levels. By changing across to Natural Shampoo Bars (which are made from natural plant-based oils), your hair, which has spent its lifetime over producing oil to compensate for icky acid chemicals, suddenly has its own oil overload as well as the natural oils.  Can you see where I am going here? Yip. Hello a little greasiness. I will not lie: I cried the first time I washed my hair with our shampoo bar. And then spent half an hour trying to rinse it over the bath. Without too much success.

But then I did a bit more research (hair tied back in a bun!) and chatted to a friend who was also trying to ‘transition’.  Apparently it can take a few weeks.  But there is hope beyond the slicked back bun! Instead of reaching for a commercial conditioner, mix 1/8 cup of apple cider vinegar with distilled water (preferably a little warmer than the shower but not so hot you’re going to scald your scalp), rinse your hair with this mixture and comb through with a wide tooth comb. Its amazing at how effective it is! Don’t be too surprised at how ‘squeaky clean’ your hair feels… Then, to combat the greasiness (during Traumatic Transition): baking soda (bicarb) for blondes and cocoa/cinnamon for brunettes. Brush the powder through your hair and you are good to go… and if you’re dark haired like me, smelling great!

Oh, and Garth’s experience? Wash and go. Looking great.


You can purchase our natural shampoo bars and (coming soon) jars via our website. Or come find us at a market soon…


PS. After 3 washes (1 1/2 weeks), my hair has already transitioned really well.