(Why) Natural Ingredients

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We often get asked if our soaps and scrubs contain artificial ingredients – definitely not! We only use plant-based natural oils, making all of our products vegan-friendly and much healthier for your skin!

Our scented products contain essential oils (no unnatural fragrances are used in SELAH products) which give a lovely aroma, as well as embraces all the benefits of essential oils. Of course, for those concerned about potential effects from the essential oils, we also offer our Unscented range, perfect for both sensitive skins and babies. Its always a good idea to know both the benefits and potential effects before using essential oils. Some of our favourite oils include these –

  • Lemongrass: headaches, anxiety, acne, indigestion, muscle aches
  • Rose: reduce scarring & aging (skin), migraines, depression, menstrual cramps
  • Cinnamon: stimulates circulation, reduces stress, natural remedy against colds
  • Clove: acne, improves circulation, reduces aging
  • Geranium: depression & anxiety, acne, insomnia
  • Orange: depression, constipation, colds, anxiety, stress, acne
  • Cedar: acne, dandruff, insomnia, eczema, coughs


By no means do we ever advocate using essential oils above seeking medical assistance for illness – especially for your children – but we are always amazed at how nature offers simple solutions for our common ailments.


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As mentioned, our soaps are made from natural plant-based oils and no amount of scientific evidence or jargon will communicate the benefits like feeling the difference – its that obvious! Once you have experience Natural soap, you will find it difficult to return to commercial soaps containing artificial ingredients (no matter how much moisturizing cream they try tell you each bar contains).  Your skin will honestly thank you for it.

In a world where so much of what we consume is processed and contains artificial everything; shouldn’t we begin by taking better care of our skins (and the skins of our children!) by returning to more natural products?